Meet Mercy Northwest Arkansas Chief Operating Officer, Brenda Chase

September 16, 2013
Brenda Chase, Chief Operating Officer

Mercy Northwest Arkansas Chief Operating Officer, Brenda Chase has been delivering excellence from bedside to the board room for 20 plus years. What began as a part time nursing assistant job became a diverse journey allowing Brenda to experience all facets of health care. From early career days in the intensive care unit to serving as interim head nurse in acute care oncology, Brenda’s promotions were only beginning. She served as ambulatory care director, assistant vice president and vice president of patient care services, and COO for Mercy Hot Springs. Her strong leadership has help shape Mercy’s health care path, yet equally important, it has touched lives of Mercy co-workers, physicians, patients and their families. Brenda is a woman whose presence is felt when she walks in a room, yet with her strong determination also comes humility. On behalf of Mercy, please meet Brenda Chase -- In Her Own Words. 

Growing up on a family farm with hard working parents, I learned discipline, self-sufficiency and responsibility very early. My mother worked the evening shift at Mercy for many years; I was the older sibling who served as caregiver, leader and role model to my younger siblings. I think this provided the foundation for me to naturally become a transformational leader.  

I am the 3rd generation to work at Mercy so I gained appreciation for Mercy's mission and values. I also observed my mother's fulfillment in being a Mercy co-worker and patient care-giver. With my parent’s encouragement and a deep personal interest in caring for others, it was easy to envision a nursing career for myself. At 16, I was too young to work in the hospital, so I was given a job as a convent aide. I assisted with care for the elderly and sick nuns. I truly valued my time with the sisters and learned so much from them. I also credit them for helping shape who I am today.  

One word I would use to describe myself is determination. I don’t give up on people, co-workers, performance improvement projects and goals. I also strive to be a leader who listens. I have experienced all the different aspects of health care, allowing me to truly empathize with co-workers or physicians and understand their concerns, frustrations and obstacles as well as opportunities. I do not just see this as something I merely can do, but what leaders must do.

Values --a leader with uncompromising values is important. This is the reason I have dedicated my career at Mercy. The Mercy mission and values are the same wherever one works within Mercy. We have this consistent guidance and direction in who we are and what we do, in what to expect and what is expected of us and our ministry.  I have experienced and tested these guideposts year after year and they've always proven true and timeless.  Healthcare changes constantly, but human nature and basic human needs do not. As healthcare providers, we see patients at their most vulnerable times. They put their trust in our hands and depend on us to provide excellent care and to be there for them whether it is --when they are experiencing the joys of birth, a critical situation, or the sadness of a terminal diagnosis.  

We also have to remember life is a balance. My husband Raymond and I are welcoming our second grandson Jasper. We will no doubt spoil him along with Beckett, our first grandson, as we continue to enjoy our daughter Whitleigh and son-n-law Jeremy. This is life balance, and it keeps in focus what truly deserves my time. 

Bottom line -- I'm just a deeply rooted, hard-working kind of gal who loves her job and enjoys the people she works with.  And, with that, I will leave you with this -- Be true to yourself and others and be passionate about your work.

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