Mercy “Digs” Breast Cancer Awareness

October 1, 2013

It’s the season when the color pink dominates volleyball team apparel at high school and college gymnasiums across the country. Instead of donning traditional school colors, athletes and droves of fans gear up in pink to promote breast cancer awareness during “Dig Pink” nights.

Thousands of teams from around the US are participating in the Dig Pink National Breast Cancer Awareness Rally. High school and college volleyball teams will promote breast health education by wearing pink to symbolize their support to eradicate this disease.

According to the Kaiser State Health Facts, more than 40,000 women in the US will die of breast cancer this year.

“Generally women over the age of 40 years understand the importance of mammograms; however, other commitments often take precedence over caring for themselves,” said Becky Williams, Mercy’s Director of Imaging Services. “So, make sure you and the special women in your life have their annual mammogram. It could be life-saving.”

Mercy Hospital is showing their support by donating t-shirts to volleyball athletes at Fort Scott High School, Fort Scott Community College, Northeast High School, Pleasanton High School, JayHawk-Linn High School, and Uniontown High School.

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