Free Car Seat Checks at Mercy

October 4, 2013



 Nicki Harriman, a registered nurse at Mercy and 

certified child passenger safety technician, at a past

car seat safety event.

Washington, Mo. – About 80 percent of children’s passenger seats are installed incorrectly, leading to unnecessary injuries in car accidents, which is why Mercy is offering help.

Parents can have their safety seats inspected at a car seat safety check from 10 to 2 p.m. Saturday, October 12, in the parking lot at the Mercy Medical Building North, 851 E. Fifth St. in Washington.

At the event, certified child passenger safety technicians will inspect car seats and offer personalized, up to date information about safety guidelines and laws regarding child passengers.

Parents with kids up to 12 years old should be familiar with car seat safety regulations.

“We do a lot of these events, and we see many well-intended parents who love and want to protect their children, but they’re unaware or confused by all the current safety standards,” said Nicki Harriman, a registered nurse at Mercy and a certified child passenger safety technician.

“We help parents with the guidelines so their kids can ride safely,” she said.

Certified safety technicians will help parents with car seat installations as well as offer consultations on booster seat and front seat safety.

The service is free and guests will be served in the order they arrive.

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