Co-Workers Present Gift to Help Cancer Patients

October 15, 2013

Back row, left to right: Karen Simpson Neasby, Mercy Health

Foundation VP; Tracey Akins, MercyWay committee; Tricia Knapp,

MercyWay committee; Judy O'Connor Snyder, Mercy Hospital Lebanon

VP of Nursing. Front row, left to right: Loquetta Nash, MercyWay

committee; Debby Rhinehart, Clinical nursing supervisor

Cancer Hematology; Mike Gillen, President of Mercy

Hospital Lebanon. (Eddie O'Neill, The Rolla Daily News)

We all know how exciting a new haircut can be, but what about a whole new head of hair? Patients at Mercy’s Oncology Infusion Center in Rolla will soon be getting new wigs, hats, scarves and turbans thanks to their very own caregivers.

Mercy co-workers in Lebanon and Rolla pulled together $1,000 through the MercyWay co-worker giving campaign; they presented the check Thursday, Oct. 24.

“To be able to help those that have put their health in our hands makes you feel like you are saying thank you for trusting us, and we want to help lighten your load just a little if we can,” said supervisor Loquetta Nash, a member of the center’s MercyWay Committee. “I have heard it said you take care of your own first or giving starts at home. To me, the patients in our oncology department are our own and I feel like it’s a part of our Mercy Signature Service to reach out and help them when we can.”

The group will also provide the center with a large supply of Ensure nutritional shakes to distribute to patients.

“It brings a feeling of community support to our program,” said Debby Rinehart, R.N., B.S.N. “It also provides direct positive interaction between Mercy and the families in our care.”

The MercyWay campaign kicked off Sept. 16 and runs through the end of October. The goal Mercy-wide is to raise a little more than $2 million through co-workers’ cash gifts and paycheck deductions.

The oncology center in Rolla serves a six-county area, providing prevention, early diagnosis and chemotherapy for patients with either early or advanced stages of various cancers or blood disorders.