Meeting Held to Discuss Hospital Land Plans

November 18, 2013

 JOPLIN- Mo,  A committee of Mercy Joplin representatives met for their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, November 12, to discuss progress on plans for the hospital’s land at 26th and McClelland. Attending were Mercy leadership, representatives from the City of Joplin, Joplin Public Schools officials and individuals with land developer Wallace Bajjali. Also invited to attend were members of the Joplin Museum Governing Board and the Historical Society Board.  Allen Shirley, Chairman of the Historical Society and Angie Bessendorfer, a member of that board, attended, with no representatives from the Governing Board at the meeting.

Shirley and Bessendorfer asked to make a presentation regarding the need for a new museum.

 Following the presentation, representatives of Mercy shared their appreciation for the need of the Museum while also sharing a review of the Committee timeline to date.

· November 2011: First Former Site Committee meeting was held and the Museum was included as a participant.

· May 2012: Former Site Committee informed Museum had decided to locate downtown and would not be participating as an active recipient.

· July of 2012 and September 2012: Former Site Committee verified with Museum as to possible interest in land and was again rejected since another location had been selected.

· November 2012: Mercy made land donations to both the Joplin schools and Stained Glass Theater

· February 2013: Former Site Committee approached by Wallace Bajjali interested in presenting a community project for the site.

· June 2013: Mercy entered an exclusive agreement with Wallace Bajjali for the development of the remaining site.

 Wallace Bajalli shared their progress with the group Tuesday, noting early December is the date for their final presentation to the Committee for approval.

 It was verified in Tuesday’s Site Committee meeting that the Museum Board had voted affirmative for the Downtown location and that no vote had ever been held for the former Hospital site.

 “We’re excited to see the new school open next month, are anxiously awaiting the breaking ground of the new Stained Glass Theater and optimistic the Wallace Bajjali project will complete the redevelopment of this historic corner,” said Danny Thomas, Mercy Joplin Board Chair and Former Site Committee lead.

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