Young Boys Donate Gifts

November 26, 2013

Andrew, Jack and Nicholas donated birthday gifts.

ST. LOUIS - Birthday parties are major events for kids during the year. They get excited to be one year older and usually look forward to the presents. But for three young boys, a birthday party meant a way to help others.

For the second year in a row, 6-year-olds Jack Mantovani, Andrew Morrison and Nicholas Reh hosted a combined birthday party and donated presents for sick kids at Mercy Children’s Hospital.

“The first year it was a collaborative decision between moms and the boys, but the boys were excited about it,” said Alison Morrison, Andrew’s mom. “This year, they were the ones who brought it up while we were planning the party.”

Mercy was lucky enough to benefit from the boys’ generosity.  Two boys were born at Mercy, and one of Jack’s sisters had long stays in the hospital and was helped by the Child Life staff.

“Our families have all been involved in charity programs in the past,” said Alison. “Our kids have learned through these experiences that there are other kids and families that need help – either by gifts, cheering up or simply our presence.”



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