Medical Services Expand in Sullivan

December 6, 2013


David Chalk, MD, president of Mercy Clinic,

announces expansion plans in Sullivan.

Washington, Mo. – Mercy is bringing more doctors and services to the Sullivan region, starting with the addition of an $8 million medical building.

Mercy is constructing the building on 8 acres in Sullivan. It will be the new home to current and future physicians and offer the convenience of imaging and laboratory testing services under one roof.

“As a ministry, we bring our services where there’s a need. In Sullivan and the surrounding communities, we recognize the need for more physicians and additional services that Mercy can provide,” said Dr. David Chalk, president of Mercy Clinic.

Mercy already has physicians in Sullivan at two locations, 102 Grande Center and 101 Progress Parkway. Mercy is starting the next phase of its mission with the construction of this $8 million 19,800-square-foot building. It will feature 10 physicians’ offices and services for X-rays, ultrasound, blood and other medical testing. It opens in 2015.

The building was designed for future expansion. “We recognize that medicine changes and the needs of communities change over time. This building and this site allows us to grow with area, with the needs of the communities we serve, and continue to be at the forefront of advanced medicine,” said Dr. Chalk. 

Mercy Clinic physicians Felipe Eljaiek, MD, Matthew Tiefenbrunn, MD, and Jose Remo, MD currently serve Sullivan along with nurse practitioners Barbara Blaue, Cindy Duga, Krystle Reed, and Tammy Watz. Patients are also served by Mercy Clinic cardiologist Brian Seeck, MD, orthopedic surgeon William Harris, DO, and general surgeons Tom Riechers, MD, and Jonathan Limpert, MD.

When the new building opens, patients will be able to see these physicians and additional specialists including oncologists, pain management specialists and pulmonologists.  

The property is located on South Service Road West near Mattox Drive. Construction starts this summer.

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