Celebrating 50 Years on Ballas Road

December 17, 2013

Sisters of Mercy and doctors who helped move patients and equipment

recall the day 50 years ago when the hospital moved to Ballas Road.

ST. LOUIS  – Fifty years ago, on Dec. 17, St. Louis was waking up from a snow storm while the Sisters of Mercy along with doctors, nurses and other co-workers moved a hospital.

While the Sisters of Mercy have been caring for patients in the St. Louis area since 1856, it's been 50 years in St. Louis County. In December 1963, patients were moved from the old St. John’s Hospital on Euclid to the current location of Mercy Hospital St. Louis on Ballas Road.

Click here to hear from some of the Sisters and doctors who helped with the move and how medicine has changed in that time.


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