New Years Countdown

December 18, 2013

Dr. Katrina Burke measures the size of a mom-to-be

during a recent visit. Although this baby is not

expected until February, several other candidates

are in line to earn New Year's Baby honors.

Fort Scott, Kan. - As a new year approaches, many folks revel in anticipation of what’s to come. For an expectant mother, the countdown to birth after months and months of careful preparation may seem like eternity.

Time is ticking toward the naming of Mercy Hospital’s 2014 New Years Baby, an honor the tike will carry for a lifetime. And even though only one child will earn this recognition each year, every child born at Mercy is celebrated for their uniqueness.

Mercy Hospital doctors deliver up to 300 babies every year and expert care is beckoning at each birth. Mercy doctors also specialize in high risk pregnancies. All of the obstetric nurses are certified in neonatal resuscitation and most have more than 25 years experience in obstetrics and neonatal intensive care.

The birthplace is more than a set of special hospital rooms. It’s located between two beautiful courtyards so each patient room has a view of natural surroundings. The area has been designed for maximum privacy, security and comfort, and provides a nurturing environment that allows for bonding and rest before the trip home.

Caesarian deliveries? No problem. Mercy has surgical suites located nearby for immediate access from birthplace units. Obstetricians provide 24-hour coverage for scheduled or emergency delivery.

Moms-to-be can rest comfortably knowing Mercy provides a Level II nursery staffed with a team of pediatricians, family practice physicians as well as experienced NICU nurses to provide care to a premature or ill infant.

Mercy offers additional testing including sonograms, prenatal screening, and lab work. Non-stress testing, a non-invasive pre-delivery monitoring to determine your baby’s health, is available at Mercy Hospital Fort Scott too.

But the delivery of a baby is only one step to raising a healthy child. Mercy provides continued support for new moms with lactation/breastfeeding counseling for moms, postpartum depression support and other postpartum care services.

And a glimpse of that precious child is available to family and friends around the world. Mercy contracts with Our 365 WebNursery to post online photos of babies so loved ones can view snapshots, date and time of birth, weight and length. Plus families may order those cherished new born photos for family albums on our website.

To learn more, visit mother and baby care.

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