Lifesaver Awards Honor First Responders

February 6, 2014

Mercy Hospital Jefferson President Eric Ammons and
heart attack patient Chris Holman, center, presented
Lifesaver Awards to first Responders from the Joachim-Plattin
Ambluance District and Hematite Fire Protection District.

Mercy Hospital Jefferson continues to acknowledge the work of emergency medical service providers in our community. At the Jan. 16 Board of Directors meeting for the Joachim-Plattin Ambulance District, first responders from the ambulance district and Hematite Fire received Life Saver Awards.


Chris Holman was in cardiac arrest when the EMS crews arrived at his home west of Festus. Because of the emergency care he received from paramedics at his house and en route to the hospital, and a stent placed in his heart in the Mercy cardiac cath lab, he is feeling much better today.


The 57-year-old said he was sitting on his porch on Oct. 22 with his girlfriend Melissa LaRue when he told her he was feeling dizzy and light-headed.


"I don't remember it, but she told me I said that and then I fell," Holman said. "She yelled for one of her kids to call 911 and started doing CPR."


An artery in his heart had been nearly 100 percent blocked, he said. After discharge he was being visited by Mercy Home Care providers when he complained that a pain in his leg hurt so bad that it caused him to limp. The nurses reported the finding and a 90 percent blockage was found in his leg.


"In December I was back in the hospital," Holman said. "They put a stent in my leg. It feels a lot better, and I can walk without limping."


The Life Saver Award presentation had been planned for the JPAD meeting in December, but it was postponed because Holman wasn't available. By January he said he was ready to meet the team that came to his rescue.


"I just got up there and told them, "thanks a lot for saving my life.' "


Mercy Jefferson President Eric Ammons and Emergency Department Director Laura Bailey, RN, attended the meeting to present the awards with Holman.


"It is clear that without advanced pre-hospital care, we would not have had such a positive outcome," Ammons said. "The goal of the awards is to highlight the services provided by these health care professionals, our working relationship with them, and how as a team we are able to help our community."

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