This Valentine's Week, Mercy Celebrates Co-worker Couples

February 10, 2014


John and Angie Pearson, then and now


Health care careers tend to run in the family at Mercy Independence. Among our co-workers, we have several sets of relatives, including mothers-daughters, siblings, aunts-nieces and seven husband-and-wife pairs.

This Valentine’s week, we celebrate our own Mercy couples and share their “love stories.”

John and Angie Pearson moved to Independence and joined Mercy in the spring of 2010, John as the director of our rehabilitation and therapy services; Angie as a social worker.

This is the story of how they became a couple…


When, where and how did you two meet?

Since he was a kid, John had played drums in a family band in his home town of Russellville, Ark. One of his regular gigs was playing for a dance at a senior adult center. When Angie was in college, her grandparents moved to the Russellville area. They faithfully attended the senior dance, and Angie often visited them on dance weekends and went along.

 “John and I rarely spoke in the five years we watched each other at the dance,” Angie recalled.

After college, Angie began looking for a job near her grandparents’ home, and as luck would have it, she got an interview scheduled on the weekend of a senior dance.

“That weekend at the dance, I asked John out right in front of his whole family,” she said. “Later, I found out my job interview was with a neighbor of his, and to this day, I’m convinced I got that job because of John’s mom.”


How long did you date and when, where, how did you decide to marry?

John proposed about a year and a half later on the weekend of Valentine’s Day, on top of a mountain overlooking the River Valley.


What was the wedding like?

John and Angie were married on April 30, 1994, in a small church near John’s home. Angie wore John’s mother’s wedding dress, which had been handmade by his paternal grandmother.


“We only spent about $500 on everything, including pictures,” Angie said.

“I nearly fell going up the steps to the altar. Thank goodness John was the only one who heard what I said under my breath!

“One of our friends sang ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ by the Beatles, and we honeymooned in Eureka Springs, Ark.”


What are some of the highlights of your nearly 20 years of marriage?

The answer is simply their two daughters. After being married for seven years, they decided to have their first child. Kathryn “Katie” Olivia was named for the ER nurse who took care of them when they arrived at the hospital in labor.


 Three and half years later, they had their second daughter, Emily.


 “We let Katie name her, and we were glad she was a girl, because the boy name she picked out was ‘Mowgli’ after the boy in the ‘Jungle Book’ movie.”


Katie is now 13 and Emily is 9.

Our thanks to John and Angie for sharing their story of how they built a happy family and for choosing to be part of our Mercy family.