Friend's Persistence Pays Off to Bring this Co-Worker Couple Together

February 13, 2014

Valerie Davis, RN, and Kyle Davis, RN

Kyle and Valerie Davis are among the most frequently named nurses recognized by our patients for providing excellent care at Mercy Independence – Kyle in our Mercy Emergency Department, Valerie in our Cancer Center.

Turns out, they also have a great personal story of how they met and built a family.


When/ where did you two meet?

Kyle and Valerie met through mutual friends, co-worker nurse Aimee and Brett Strickland. Kyle was a paramedic student and was doing his clinicals on the Med Surg wing at the hospital, where Aimee was working.

“Aimee called me and said, ‘When you get a break, I want you to come over and look at my friend. He’s single!’” Valerie said.

 “I was among a few nurses who came to check out the poor guy that day.

“Aimee was very persistent and invited us both over to her house so we could meet. We talked most of the night and thereafter, we talked and talked on the phone - talked and talked and talked….Well, maybe I did most of the talking, because if you know Kyle, he is a man of few words.”


How did you know he/she was “the one?”

“I knew Kyle was the one when I saw him with my children. At the time, my daughter, Aubree, was 4 and my son, Jalynn, was 6. He was wonderful with them.”


What was the wedding like?

“We were married June 24, 2006, at one of my favorite locations that holds most of my childhood memories - the Riverside Park fountain. I am pretty sure it was the hottest day in June, and poor Kyle stood in his tux roasting before me as we said our vows.”

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

“I would love to say we have some great anniversary ritual, but having four kids and an anniversary in June, we are most generally at the ball fields.”


What is your favorite activity to do together?

“At this point in our relationship, our favorite activity is attending our kids’ different sporting events. Every now and then, we get away and spend and evening out of town for a date night. Those times are rare but cherished.”


What topic do you disagree on most?

“Vacations. Kyle is content staying home, but I love to travel, explore the world. I don’t mind loading the kids up for crazy road trips that sometimes end up miserable but always leave memories we laugh about later. I have learned to just leave him at home, and that takes care of any arguments.”


Tell us more about the whole family?

“We have four beautiful children: Jalynn is 15, Aubree is 14, and our twins, Nate and Kylee, are 8. While the older two are not ‘his,’ they are his. Kyle has raised them just as his own, never once treating them any different.”


Congratulations, Kyle and Valerie!