A Romantic Co-worker Couple Story Rounds Out Valentine's Week

February 14, 2014

Andrew and Teresa Schaper

Andrew and Teresa Schaper are our final featured couple for the week. Andrew works as the director of Maintenance and Engineering at Mercy and joined the team in November 2011. Teresa is employed as a receptionist in the Cancer Center and also is pursuing a nursing degree. She joined Mercy in October 2011.


When and where did you two meet?

It was 1996 in Ochelata, Okla. Andrew was working at a mechanic shop, and a friend introduced them.

How did you know he/she was “the one?”

Andrew shares, “Our chemistry was incredible. Everything about Teresa was exactly what I was looking for in a girl. She was probably the funniest person I had ever met. It didn’t hurt that she was, and still is, absolutely beautiful.
“With those kinds of attributes, it didn’t take me long to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.
“To this day, I still love being around her for those reasons.

Dating, the proposal, the wedding?

Andrew and Teresa dated for about a year and a half before deciding to marry.
“I bought her a ring without her knowing,” Andrew said. “We like to drive the back roads, so I took her to a place that overlooks a wild mustang reserve. We were standing on a bluff overlooking the horses. When she turned around to talk to me, I was down on one knee.”
They were married June 20, 1998, in a small church in Ochelata.

How do you celebrate your anniversary?

No particular way to celebrate...Usually a dinner date.

What is your favorite activity to do together?

They love camping and four wheeling.

Tell us about the family?

“We have three beautiful daughters,” Andrew said.
“Our first girl, Shayla, was born on Valentine’s Day 2000.
“She is 14 and a ‘natural’ at  anything she tries to do. She has been to the World   Series of Babe Ruth softball in Florida twice. She loves four wheeling and setting limb lines on the river. She is a lot of fun.
“Our second daughter is Kaitlynn. She is 11 and the strongest kid I have ever seen. 
“She loves sports but has recently found her niche in cheerleading. This April, she will be going to a competition in Texas and will be judged and mentored by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
“She was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2009 and has just recently gotten her blood counts high enough so that she can do normal things. She is coming out as strong as she can.

“Our third girl is Jenna. She is 8 going on 16. She believes that anything her older sisters can do, she can do better. She is truly a fireball.
“She is the one that, if the older girls want a little money for something, they will go to her and she will have it to loan them. She is very frugal for such a little girl.
“I am not sure what she is going to do as she gets older, but she will be incredible at it. She has so much promise, I can’t wait to see where she goes in life.”

Congratulations, Andrew and Teresa, on your relationship and on building a

wonderful family!