Stomp Out Stress with Mercy St. Francis

February 28, 2014

No matter where you are, stress can find you; so what better time than now to arm yourself with tools to fight it?

Look no further than Mercy St. Francis’ latest course in its healthy goals series, part of its diabetic education program. A stress management session is set for Wednesday, March 12.

“Stress is the leading cause of missed work and disability worldwide, affecting all ages,” said Dr. Tammy Albrecht, a family medicine doctor at Mercy St. Francis who will be speaking at the event. “I will be addressing all areas of lifestyle to alter one’s response to stress including diet, exercise, sleeping and thought processes that affect how we deal with stress. In part, I’ll be using the St. Francis Serenity Prayer for the foundation.”

The free class on Wednesday, March 12 begins at 1:30 p.m. in the Sister’s Dining Room at Mercy St. Francis Hospital at 100 W. US Highway 60.

No RSVP is required, but you can sign up at the Mercy St. Francis business office or call 417-934-1700. For a free ride, call SMTS at 417-934-1575. Snacks and door prizes will be provided.