Meet Scout -- Mercy's newest volunteer

March 17, 2014

Scout visiting Ronald McDonald Family Room

Meet the newest volunteer at the Ronald McDonald Family Room® at Mercy NWA, Scout Teach. Each Friday, Scout, an English Mastiff visits the Ronald McDonald Family Room, and the pediatric floor at Mercy NWA bringing lots of smiles and happiness. 

Scout and his owner, Wendy Teach are both certified in pet therapy through Therapy Dog International, and they both have a passion for children and love to give back to their community. “The mission of therapy pets is to give comfort to those that they visit and that is why we are glad to be a part of the Ronald McDonald Family Room® and Mercy Hospital,” said Teach.   

Scout is currently involved in his community by serving at the Rogers Public Library where he allows children to read to him in order to gain confidence in their reading skills, and he also serves at the Circle of Life Legacy Village Hospice where he encourages patients and families in their time of need. Scout has just recently added the Ronald McDonald Family Room and the pediatric floor at Mercy NWA to his list. 

"There is something special about the interaction between our patients and Scout," said Alison Apple, Mercy's director of women’s and children’s services. "From the patients and their families to our doctors and nurses, Scout brings such a smile to everyone's day."



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