New Mother Shares the Mercy Experience

April 29, 2014

New parents, Dr. John and Jordan Fox,

share the story of exceptional care by Nancy Durnal, RN

As a mom-to-be, a woman may experience a range of emotions from excited anticipation to fear of the unexpected. So how is it that in the excitement of labor, delivery and the care thereafter, a nurse you’ve just befriended soon becomes the greatest coach in the world? Jordan Fox, who recently gave birth at Mercy Hospital Fort Scott, explains how Mercy obstetric nurse Nancy Durnal became more than just a caregiver to her:

“It’s Nancy’s genuine care - the way she calmed my fears and walked me through every step. Being a first-time mother is out of this world, but having Nancy continuously at my side during the whole process was phenomenal. Nancy was more than a nurse, she was a coach, a friend and confidant all in one. Just when I was about worn out, she motivated me. She got excited when I had a good push. Nancy encouraged me by saying, ‘That was great. Do that again.’ She had a special way of putting my worries at ease.

Later in the evening, hours after the delivery, the events of the day finally took a toll on my emotions. Nancy was there to offer a supportive hug and comforting words. That’s the kind of care that everyone who delivers a baby at Mercy is lucky to have.”

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