Free Diabetes Seminar Focuses on Shoes, Medicine

April 30, 2014

Latest free classes offered for managing the disease

Walk a mile in a diabetic patient’s shoes and you might be in a lot of pain. Nerve damage, poor circulation and ulcers can limit mobility – that is, unless you have the proper footwear.

“A lot of people with diabetes don’t wear properly fitted shoes,” said Terry Tharp, certified shoe fitter and supervisor of Mercy Medical Equipment in Mountain View. “It seems nobody does a foot measurement anymore. They just try shoes on at stores until they feel good, but that can be very bad.”

Tharp is one of two scheduled speakers at Mercy St. Francis Hospital’s latest seminar in the “Setting Goals for Healthy Living” series. He plans to bring along examples of specialty shoes. He’ll also discuss the unique measuring process and the benefits of wearing a prescription shoe. “I’ll even outline what Medicare requires patients to do in order to be covered by insurance.”

Jared Matthews, pharmacist at Mercy St. Francis, will also speak at the seminar, which is set for Wednesday, May 14. He’ll answer questions about medication for diabetic patients.

The free event begins at 1:30 p.m. in the dining room at Mercy St. Francis Hospital at 100 W. US Highway 60. Snacks and door prizes will be provided.