A Place Where Every Day is Father’s Day

June 12, 2014

Ann Mohart visiting her dad at work in 1982.

Washington, Mo. – While most people celebrate Father’s Day once a year, Father’s Day is every day at Mercy Health Research in Washington.

Mercy Health Research, which opened this year, is led by two research physicians, Ann Elizabeth Mohart, MD, and her father, Vernon L. Young, MD. The center, located at 901 Patients First Drive in Washington, performs quality clinical research projects with a goal of producing clean data and gives patients access to clinical trials.

The doctors oversee the studies by caring for patients who are part of the studies, collecting data, monitoring progress and reporting their findings.

“Getting to work with Ann Elizabeth is a dream come true,” said Dr. Young. “I’m continuously impressed by her level of knowledge and skill sets, and I’m so proud of how she cares for patients, including how she follows up with them and knows their families, pets and what they like to do.”

At a young age, Dr. Mohart was inspired to become a doctor like her dad. “Growing up, my brothers and I went to work with him all the time, and he always engaged us in his work and research, so we grew up immersed in that,” Dr. Mohart said. “His being a doctor was a huge factor in my becoming one.”

Dr. Young was on staff at Washington University when Dr. Mohart was attending medical school there. “As a student, I got to work with him there. He was a mentor, and he taught me a lot.”

After Dr. Mohart graduated from medical school, the pair continued on different career journeys. Dr. Young worked in research and in private practice in St. Louis County and Dr. Mohart eventually came to Washington with her husband John Mohart, a cardiologist for Mercy Clinic Heart and Vascular.  

Mercy Health Research Washington officially opened this year, bringing with it an opportunity for Drs. Mohart and Young to work together. “Being able to work alongside him now really has been such a neat gift,” said Dr. Mohart. “Neither of us planned or expected for that to fall into place. It just did. And it has been such a special opportunity.”  

“It is more rewarding having family present at work because you get to share all of the experiences and both know all the work that went into the day,” said Dr. Young.

Between cases and research talk, there is time for father-daughter chatting, and those topics are mostly focused on the grandkids, the family and their neighboring farms.

“I feel so lucky to be able to have him working here and to get that extra time together,” said Dr. Mohart. “As we all know, life goes by so quickly and I really cherish the chance to work together every day.”   


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