Newgene Joins Mercy Clinic

June 16, 2014

Dr. Kenny Newgene joins the hospital

medicine program at Mercy Hospital Ada.

Mercy Clinic welcomes Dr. Kenny Newgene to the hospital medicine program at Mercy Hospital Ada.

As a hospitalist, Newgene provides specialized care to hospital patients and often serves as their primary doctor during hospital stays.

The care of the patient is most often coordinated between the hospitalist and the patient’s primary care provider. This allows hospital medicine providers to use their intimate knowledge of the hospital staff, services and procedures to provide care, handle emergencies and address questions and concerns as they arise during a patient’s hospital stay.

“I see patients every day with similar ailments, but the cause of their ailments is always different,” said Newgene. “Being a physician keeps me on my toes, always moving and always thinking.” 

Newgene comes to Mercy from Dallas, Texas. His wife, Quanna, and two young children join Newgene in Ada.  

Newgene earned his bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas. He earned his doctorate in medicine from Ross University School of Medicine in Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies, and completed his residency at Louisiana State University Health Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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