From Start to Finish, A Wonderful Patient Experience

June 25, 2014

Meet our happy patient family Ian Cizerle-Brown,

Megan Derrick, baby Violet and their dog Champ.

A little more than a month after the birth of their baby, Violet Jade, at Mercy Hospital Independence, Megan Derrick and Ian Cizerle-Brown are still beaming about their experience.

“We’re so thankful for how they took care of us,” Ian said. “It was really above and beyond.”

From the prenatal visits to childbirth classes to the delivery, the couple said they couldn’t have asked for better care from Mercy.

Megan selected Dr. Sue Sohaei, OB/GYN, for her obstetric care based on her sister’s experience with Dr. Sohaei during a past pregnancy.

“She is so sweet,” Megan said.

Ian added, “And her availability was great. We could always get right in to see her when we needed to, and she was always available for us to call her on her cell phone.”

The family had a couple of unplanned overnight stays for observation in the hospital prior to the actual delivery  just to be sure all was well – once when Megan noticed that baby Violet seemed less active; and once when Megan believed she was in early labor, but was not. Thankfully, both were false alarms, but Dr. Sohaei was on top of the situation, just in case, the couple said.

“What really what got me is how cautious she is,” Megan noted.

And a few extra precautions were indeed necessary during Megan’s pregnancy, as she developed gestational diabetes. The condition called for close monitoring of her diet, which was prescribed by a Mercy dietitian, as well as self-checking her blood-sugar levels daily and visiting the hospital’s OB department weekly in the latter stages of the pregnancy for testing to be sure baby Violet was not experiencing any undue stress.

During late pregnancy exams, it was also determined that Megan has a rather narrow pelvis, which would make vaginal delivery difficult, and therefore a Cesarean delivery was scheduled for May 22.

Counting a past knee surgery, this would be Megan’s second experience in an operating room.

“I was kind of scared about having surgery,” she said. “But the OR (staff) was really awesome. They really helped keep me calm until Ian could be in the room.”

Witnessing the delivery was a “pretty surreal experience,” Ian said, as he recalled listening to the conversation among the nurses and physicians and hearing Violet cry for the first time.

From all the visits leading up to delivery through the next few days in the hospital and even the  traditional steak meal served to new parents, Megan and Ian raved about their care.

“We didn’t have a single bad experience,” Megan said.

Ian added, “The nurses were always really nice and helpful during our three-day stay. We had about a million questions and they answered every one.”

Since the young couple had such a wonderful experience the first time around, Megan, 29, and Ian, 28, say they are stopping there. After their wedding this coming October, they plan to devote their full attention to Violet and each other and remain a family of three… make that four, if you count the family dog, “Champ.”

“From the beginning, we’ve always wanted just one child,” Megan said.

Ian concurred. “It’s hard to top perfection.”