Lace Crowns for Kids

August 8, 2014

Grace and Ellie displaying their lace crowns.

ST. LOUIS - Stitches to the face can definitely put a damper on the mood of a 13-year-old girl. But with the help of a friend and a child life specialist in the emergency room at Mercy Children’s Hospital, Grace Hartman looked on the bright side.

Last month, Grace was attacked by a dog and needed stitches. Child life specialist Ali Stewart helped distract Grace during her ER visit.

“Ali knew how to entertain them on their middle school level,” said Liz Hartman, Grace’s mom. “They talked about favorite movies, TV shows and items on Pinterest.”

From there, the conversation turned to lace crowns – a Pinterest craft – Grace and her friend, Ellie, made for her 13th birthday party. Ali thought the crowns would be a fun item for patients visiting the ER.

“I asked if they would mind making a couple for me to give to some of our little Mercy princesses,” Ali said. “The girls took it to a level I never would have expected!”

The girls got busy immediately making crowns until they ran out of supplies. They took their project to the next level by starting a GoFundMe page called Lace Crowns for Kids. So far, they’ve raised $400.

“Prior to that day, I was unaware of the role a child life specialist within a hospital setting,” Liz mentioned. “Ali had such a positive impact on the girls and they are both very proud to create crowns for Ali and her patients.”

Click here to visit the girls’ GoFundMe page. Click here to watch the girls' interview on KTVI Ch. 2 

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