Breast Cancer Survivor Provides Hope and Funds for Others

September 29, 2014

Penny Morgan

Pacific Eagles Auxiliary members (left to right)

Carol Finn, Penny Morgan, Leona Hodges, Gloria Weber

ST. LOUIS - Penny Morgan is a member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles - Pacific Eagles Auxiliary chapter – and a breast cancer survivor. The international, non-profit organization’s mission is to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope.

After her battle, breast cancer quickly became Morgan's charity of choice. Through the Pacific Eagles Auxiliary, she started a breast cancer dance seven years ago. It’s grown each year with this year’s attendance reaching 400-500 people.

“We have a lot of fun,” Morgan said. “But we help people, too.”

She wanted the money raised through the dance to stay and help people locally. This year, the group donated more than $20,000 to Mercy Cancer Services directed to breast cancer care. In honor of the donation, a bench outside the David C. Pratt Cancer Center was dedicated and blessed.

In addition to the dedication and blessing ceremony, Morgan was surprised by a presentation of a Medal of Hope. Presented by Powered by Hope survivor volunteers, medals are symbols of hope and empowerment serving as a reminder of inner strength and personal resolve.

Morgan’s friends and fellow members of the Pacific Eagles Auxiliary were on hand for the ceremony. 

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