Excellent Care Extends Beyond the Patient

October 13, 2014

Terri McDonald, Registered Nurse

While running an errand late one evening, Terri McDonald, RN, stopped by the hospital inpatient unit.  She noticed the room of one of the patients she had cared for was empty. Terri inquired where she could find the patient or his wife and learned he had been taken to surgery.  She sought out the patient’s wife and found her sitting alone in the surgery waiting room. 

The couple’s children live away, and the patient’s minister was out of town. So Terri sat down beside the wife and found out she had not eaten all evening. Terri took the time to get her a sandwich and charged the battery of the wife’s mobile phone, too. Terri then stayed with her until the surgeon came and visited with her.

It’s that kind of care that proves it’s her life’s work.

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