New Procedure Offers Second Chance For Patients Who Regain Weight After Bariatric Surgery

October 17, 2014

Bariatric Surgeon Jay M. Snow, MD

CRYSTAL CITY, Mo. – In addition to traditional bariatric weight-loss solutions, Mercy Jefferson now offers a new, incisionless minimally invasive procedure for patients who have undergone weight-loss surgery but find themselves regaining pounds they had lost.

Dr. Jay M. Snow is the only weight-loss surgeon in the St. Louis area to perform the new endoscopic procedure for patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery but have begun to regain weight. In certain patients the stomach pouch or outlet to the small intestine will stretch. As the pouch becomes enlarged, the patient may eat more food before feeling full, leading to weight gain.

“We now offer a safe and effective endoscopic procedure to reduce the enlarged pouch and outlet to their original post-operative proportions,” Dr. Snow says. “This allows patients to get the feeling of ‘fullness’ experienced immediately after the original procedure. Feeling full after only eating small amounts of food will help patients lose weight in a fashion similar to that which occurred after the original bypass.”

The procedure uses a small, flexible endoscope and specialized devices that allow the surgeon to place sutures to reduce the size of the pouch or outlet. The scope and device are placed through the mouth and into the stomach while the patient is under anesthesia. The outpatient procedure takes the place of undergoing surgical revision. The benefits include less pain, better tolerance, no hospital admission and no additional abdominal incisions.

“I am excited to be on the cutting edge of minimally invasive surgery and offer this procedure to my patients,” Dr. Snow said. 

To see if you are a candidate for this innovative procedure, contact Mercy Hospital Jefferson – Bariatrics at 636-933-8135.

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