Inspiration Comes in Pink

January 29, 2015

Barbie Johnson, Mercy Hospital

Fort Scott Admitting Representative

Barbie Johnson is a single mom with three girls - two of those with special needs - who goes quietly about her work at Mercy Hospital Fort Scott as an Admitting Representative.   Her smile and positive attitude are inspirational to many, but today she shared the story of who inspires her.

"The Mercy Hospital Auxiliary members inspire me," she said at the Auxiliary annual meeting.

"I've worked for Mercy 10 years and through your example, I chose to pursue a career in nursing. I hope to be of service to others and use this ministry to do so."

Over the years, Barbie watched and learned from the "ladies in pink" (the color of women Auxilian's smocks). Their compassion, generosity and wisdom gave her the confidence to strengthen her gifts. Barbie shared that the scholarship the Auxiliary provided her allowed her the financial means to go to college and graduate with a nursing degree.

"The scholarship enabled me to model to my girls that with hard work and determination, you can accomplish your dreams."

Barbie plans to take board exams soon and aspires to a nursing position at Mercy.


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