Volunteers Needed at Mercy Hospital Joplin

February 25, 2015

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Denny and Loretta Lynch help "Olaf" find his way at the hospital.

Denny and Loretta Lynch thought they’d enjoy volunteering during retirement, and they must – they’ve spent the past 15 years doing just that. Their time with Mercy has certainly involved a lot of change. They began volunteering in the hospital that was destroyed during the 2011 tornado, then helped out in the tent, the modular hospital and the current facility.

Now, they’re getting ready to step into a whole new world as Mercy Hospital Joplin reaches completion. “I may need a Segway to get around,” joked Denny. “It’s going to be so big!” Don’t expect Loretta to ride along, though. “I’m not crawling in a sidecar if he’s driving that thing,” she laughed. “I’ll end up as the first patient!”

With the new, larger hospital set to open, Mercy Hospital Joplin needs a lot more volunteers like Loretta and Denny. The goal is to attract 80 new helpers with responsibilities ranging from helping patients to their cars to working in the gift shop and helping visitors find their way in the new facility.

Denny and Loretta say they love what they do and find volunteering very fulfilling. You’ll find them at the front desk every Wednesday afternoon. Loretta helps escort people to different locations in the hospital, and Denny answers telephone calls. Sometimes he even helps track people down. “I love chasing those wild women,” he teased.

If you’d like to join Mercy’s volunteer team, please join us for a recruitment fair.

Volunteer Recruitment Fair

New Mercy Hospital Joplin

100 Mercy Way

2 to 4 p.m,Tuesday, March 3

All ages welcome, including teenagers

As Denny will tell you, giving your time is a gift to yourself. “Try it,” he said. “You’ll like it!”

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