OSU Partners with Mercy for EHR Services

March 16, 2015

by Mercy's Jennifer Harutunian

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (OSU-CHS) has signed an agreement with Mercy Technology Services (MTS) to install, host and support Epic electronic health records (EHR).

OSU-CHS, consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top osteopathic teaching institutions, educates and trains physicians, research scientists and other health care professionals, with an emphasis on providing health care for rural and underserved Oklahomans. The College of Medicine partners closely with the OSU Medical Center, the largest osteopathic teaching center in the United States, training 151 resident physicians in primary and sub-specialty care each year. Mercy began managing the OSU Medical Center in May, 2015.

“Mercy understands providers’ needs and has demonstrated success getting Epic up and performing,” said Heidi Holmes, OSU chief information officer. “Their system is proven and will place OSU-CHS among the nation’s leaders in using electronic health records to improve rural health care. Implementing a mature software system will save OSU-CHS time and money, and patients will see the benefits quickly.”

Mercy Technology Services provides EHR services for roughly 40 hospitals, 700 clinics and outpatient facilities, and thousands of physicians, including both Mercy and commercial customers. MTS makes clients’ health records more accessible through easy-to-use interfaces and linking users to clinical data. This allows high-level analysis that is critical in this time of outcome-based reimbursement.

“Our system allows users to identify and collect data that they then can use to improve patient care and determine best practices,” said Gil Hoffman, Mercy chief information officer. “This EHR allows clients to truly understand what is happening in their practices, clinics, hospitals and networks, and take in data from wherever it originates. Our approach helps clients grow over the long term in a pay-for-performance health care environment.”

Dr. Kayse Shrum, president of OSU-CHS and dean of the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, summed up the impact of the agreement: “With innovative EHR services like Mercy’s, we’re able to provide medical students and residents with one of the best clinical tools available, which will strengthen our training program as we train the next generation of Oklahoma’s physicians and shape the future of health care.”

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