Capes Give Kids Extra Courage

March 24, 2015

Hugh Sprague along with Cody (yellow cape) and

his siblings show off some of Cody's Courage Capes.

Hugh Sprague with the Seals kids.

ST. LOUIS - A visit to the emergency room can be scary for a child and nerve-racking for the family. Interactions with hospital employees can impact children positively or negatively. Each co-worker plays a role in helping our patients cope with the unfamiliar and often intimidating hospital environment.

Recently, the Seals family visited the pediatric emergency department at Mercy Children’s Hospital in St. Louis with their son Cody, who loves wearing super hero capes. They were so inspired by the care Cody and the whole family received - especially from Hugh Sprague, a patient care tech - they wanted to honor his compassionate and caring spirit.

Cody's Courage Capes were born from their desire to give back. Thanks to the family’s generosity and time in making them, the capes will be available for children in the emergency department who need just a little extra courage.  

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