Mercy Hospital Washington Honored for Excellence in Eye Donation

May 1, 2015

Tammy Doyle, Mid-America Transplant Services;
Amy Lamb, Mercy; Wendy White-Mittler, Saving Sight; 
Lora Copeland, Mercy; Terri McLain, Mercy; 

and Stacy Blankenship, Mercy.

WASHINGTON, Mo. - Saving Sight, one of the largest eye banks in the country, recently recognized Mercy Hospital Washington with the Excellence in Eye Donation Award.

Less than 15 percent of Saving Sight’s referral partners received this award. The award recognizes hospitals with an eye donation consent rate greater than 45 percent and at least 10 patients who donated eye tissue in 2014. Mercy Washington achieved a consent rate of 69 percent last year, with 29 patients making the heroic decision to donate their eyes to help others suffering from severe vision loss through 37 corneal transplantations.

Americans will receive approximately 48,000 cornea transplant surgeries this year to preserve or restore their vision. With healthy vision, these people will be able to resume joyful, independent lives. Thanks to the generosity of eye donors, their families and supportive hospital staff like those at Mercy Washington Hospital, Saving Sight was able to provide donated eye tissue for 2,985 corneal transplants in 2014, an average of 8 people per day. 

The award also coincides with National Eye Donor Month, a time to honor eye donors and celebrate cornea transplant recipients. Saving Sight encourages people to:

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