Mercy Kids Warriors

May 18, 2015

Erin and Keira performing their song "Warrior."

ST. LOUIS - Keira, 8, and Erin, 20, came together during a recent hospitalization at Mercy Children's Hospital-St. Louis through their love of music and cancer diagnosis. 

Music Therapist Bernadette Baer encourages patients to use music to express feelings. The two girls, a world away in terms of age, both understand what it's like to battle cancer and go through treatment and hospitalization. 

Although both had past admissions, they never met. During one admission, their hospital rooms were next to each other and they finally made a connection. Erin, who sings and plays the guitar, knew Keira was working with Baer to learn two guitar chords. One evening, they were talking and decided to write a song, "Warrior," using the chords Keira had learned. They played and practiced it. 

The next day, Baer arranged a performance for family and other patients in the Child Life Activity room. Keira wanted to surprise her parents and that's what she did.

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song by Erin and Keira                                                          

I’m fighting this battle, but know that I’m strong

It’s bringing out the parts of me that were there all along.

I will conquer cancer and do the best that I can         

I may be tough, but I may ask to hold your hand

I’m a warrior

I’m stronger, stronger

Pain won’t last forever

I’m a warrior

I’m stronger, stronger

Things will get better


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