Traveling Family Detours Through Mercy ER

May 18, 2015

The Chase family from Tyler, Texas, visits
their wrecked car after an accident near Independence

A stop-over in a small-town ER was the last thing Pastor Dan Chase and his family expected during their travel through Kansas earlier this month. The unfortunate deer that chose to cross their path on a dark highway, however, rearranged their itinerary a bit.

It was supposed to be a celebratory journey for Dan, 52, wife Sandee, 52, and their adult children Erica, 29, and Joseph, 26. They were on their way home to Tyler, Texas, on Saturday, May 2, after a friend’s wedding in St. Joseph, Missouri, earlier that day. Their plan was to overnight in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then drive the last leg on Sunday. They made it as far as Cherryvale.

The accident happened about 9:30 p.m. when the deer ran in front of the Chase’s Subaru Forester. Upon impact, the car’s airbags deployed, leaving the passengers hurt, somewhat in shock and with an inoperable vehicle. Emergency crews were called, and all four family members were transported to the Mercy ER for evaluation.

 “I had never been in a severe car accident before and never realized how traumatic it could be, even when your injuries are not serious,” Dan Chase said. “The emotional strain, bewilderment and sense of helplessness are overwhelming, especially when you’re 400 miles away from home with no friends, family or anybody you know.”

That’s where Dr. Anne Hogsett and the ER staff stepped in, providing not only expert clinical care, but also reassurance for the family.

As it turns out, all the physical injuries were indeed minor – mostly abrasions from the airbags – and the emotional stress was relieved with a little TLC...And a personal ride to a local hotel provided by Dr. Hogsett herself.

“She stopped us from calling a cab and drove us to the hotel when we were discharged. When is the last time you ever heard of an ER doctor taking such care of patients? I have been emergency rooms before. ER doctors in my experience tend to be cool, business-like, detached – like I was something broken that they just wanted to fix. Little of the human side of medical care. Dr. Hogsett was the perfect amalgamation of the medical and human side.”

 “I just want to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to Dr. Anne Hogsett and the emergency room staff for their care that night,” Dan said. “Dr. Hogsett was God’s hand to us that night. She went above and beyond the call of duty. You could tell she knew her business and took every precaution while we were under her wing. Yet she smiled and had perfect bedside manner and took genuine interest in our hardship, caring for the whole person, not just the injuries.”

The Chase family got an unexpected extension on their trip - the next day being Sunday with no local car rental options – and an opportunity to enjoy the Independence community for a day. Dan reports they are now home safe, working through insurance claims and all recovering nicely from their experience, thanks to the care and compassion they received at the Independence ER.