Harvard Webcast Sheds Strong Light on Mercy Virtual

May 19, 2015

Watch the entire one-hour Harvard webinar above.

Mercy’s journey into delivering health care virtually has captured a global audience.

Dr. Randy Moore, Mercy Virtual president, recently joined an expert panel for a live webcast, “Telehealth: How New Technologies are Transforming Health Care.” The forum was presented by Harvard, in collaboration with The Huffington Post, and focused on the growing need for telehealth services nationwide and globally – and what it will take to get doctor and patient buy-in.

“We need to align our incentives and understand that we’re talking about whole new solutions,” Dr. Moore said. He pointed to Mercy’s SafeWatch, which currently monitors patients remotely around the clock, allowing hospitals to fill in the gaps when people are not at the bedside. “But this isn’t just about monitoring. It’s a complete rework of workflow that makes a real difference.”

Dr. Moore will oversee an entire virtual team’s unique workflow when Mercy opens the world’s first virtual care center later this year. 

“We need the bright thinking of people who are dedicated to this, to show the power of what can be done in telemedicine,” he added. “Mercy Virtual can bring care to people when and where they need it.”

That excitement could be felt across the globe. David Grayson, who watched the live webcast, said, “Thanks for an excellent session - well worth getting out of bed for it at 4:30 a.m. here in New Zealand!"

Dr. Moore was joined by Steve Crossan, with Google Public Health, as well as Maureen McCarthy, acting chief consultant for telehealth services for the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, among others. Click here to watch the webcast directly. 

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