Child’s Serious Pneumonia Nipped in the Bud

June 3, 2015

Kristi Green with her son Caleb. After recovering

from a serious case of pneumonia, he was

able to attend his pre-school graduation

PLEASANTON, Kan. Five-year old Caleb Green is a typical, playful and energetic boy. So when he came down with a nasty fever suddenly overnight, his mother Kristi needed answers, quick.

“It’s strange how quickly he became so ill,” said Kristi Green. “Less than 24 hours before he was lively and having a great time a birthday party. By the next morning, I could feel the heat coming off his body.”

Caleb’s temperature was an alarming 102.6 degrees.

Kristi treated his temperature with Tylenol but it was difficult to know how much was really getting into his system because he would either spit out the medicine or vomit. Despite her best efforts, Caleb’s high fever persisted.

The next morning, Kristi called Mercy Clinic Family Medicine Linn County in Pleasanton, Kansa to schedule an appointment for Caleb. He was seen by nurse practitioner Kristyn Milburn who ordered both a strep and flu test. Both results came back negative. Caleb’s only symptoms were the continuing high fever and weakness.

Kristyn insisted on drawing blood. When results came back the next day, it showed that Caleb’s white cell count was over 26,000 – a startling figure due to infection.

Upon learning Caleb’s results, Dr. Marianne Ray requested to see the patient right away. During the exam, there was no change in his symptoms except a deep cough which triggered the physician to order a chest x-ray. 

“It’s difficult to get a good chest x-ray on a sick child,” said Dr. Ray. “But one of our clinic x-ray techs, Chellie Gardenhire, took a great x-ray which clearly showed the worst case of pneumonia I’ve ever seen.”

With the diagnosis, Dr. Ray was able to prescribe high-powered antibiotics and breathing treatments to get Caleb on the road to recovery.

“It was an extremely long and exhausting three weeks nursing him back to 100 percent,” Kristi explained. “But, he’s back to his normal, active self and was released from the doctor just in time to attend his pre-school graduation.

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for the staff at Mercy Clinic. They were genuinely concerned for Caleb.

They were always there to reassure me when I began to panic by giving words of encouragement.”

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