Wheelchair Clinic at Mercy St. Francis Hospital

June 4, 2015

More than two million people in the U.S. depend on wheelchairs for day-to-day activities, but even more may not realize they might benefit from one.

To help the community learn about the assistive devices, or get repairs and updates to existing ones, Mercy St. Francis Hospital will be hosting a Wheelchair Clinic on Tuesday, June 23. Physical and occupational therapists, as well as a wheelchair vendor, will be on hand to discuss patients’ current options and newer technology.

“Both as a clinician and a community member, I’ve seen so many ill-fitting wheelchairs or chairs that aren’t reaching their potential,” said Terri Brandel, director of Therapy Services at Mercy St. Francis Hospital. “Some people don’t even know they qualify for a wheelchair, so we hope to give them more independence, comfort and quality of life.”

The Wheelchair Clinic on Tuesday, June 23, is by appointment only. Simple adjustments and vendor consultations will be free. Call 417-934-7057 to schedule a time to stop in. Guests are asked to check in at the main entrance of the hospital, located at 100 W. US Highway 60, where they’ll be led back to the Therapy Services department for evaluation.