Mercy Patients Pleased with Berryville Hospital Upgrades

June 9, 2015

From clean floors to warm meals, every detail is critical during a hospital stay. That’s literally the case at Mercy Hospital Berryville, where a series of equipment upgrades has satisfaction scores soaring.

“Our old floor scrubber was wearing down and it was nearly impossible to find replacement parts,” said Curtis Shaw, director of plant operations and environmental services. “We got it about 15 years ago and by the time we retired it earlier this year, it had 22,668 hours on it.” That amounts to some of the cleanest floors in the hospital–but not necessarily the quietest. “Oh, it was so noisy and bothersome to patients.”

Realizing the machine had seen better days, Mercy Health Foundation – Berryville added a new floor scrubber to a list of six items to purchase, totaling $125,000. The easy-to-maneuver, walk-behind cleaner allows Mercy’s Environmental Services team to have the edge on spills, stains or routine scrubbing missions. The device’s EcoFlex System™ is designed with technology to cut water usage by up to 70 percent. It also uses various brushes and pressures to clean difficult areas.

“We’ve noticed in the weeks since we started using the new scrubber that our PRC (Professional Research Consultants) scores have gone up considerably,” Shaw added. “We’re able to keep our floors in great condition while keeping it a quite, healing environment for those who are recovering."

In addition to immaculate floors, patients at Mercy Hospital Berryville also deserve warm meals. The Foundation’s second purchase was an improved, state-of-the-art plate heating system.

“We’d been hearing patients commenting that our food just wasn’t hot enough,” said Francis Poyner, Food Services director. “We were heating our plates in our steam table, but it wasn’t working that well.”

A new Camduction® heat system, made of high-grade, durable stainless steel, was installed this spring. It heats the base of the plate and keeps the food warm at least 45 minutes. “It takes about four to five minutes to heat up the machine, we can then heat as many as 24 plates at once,” Poyner added. “It’s a fantastic piece of equipment, and I wish everyone could have one of these.”

Poyner’s excitement is echoed by the patients. “Every day, cooks go down and talk with patients to see how they rank their food,” Poyner said. “Since we upgraded, our PRC scores have gone up considerably. Our biggest priority is patients, and to make sure they’re all satisfied.”

“It all comes down to the details,” said Cody Qualls, executive director of Mercy Health Foundation – Berryville. “We’ve made it a priority to keep our patients not only healthy, but happy when they’re here, and make sure their stay is the best it can be.”

For photos of the new equipment, click here.