Flash Flooding Causes Damage in Emergency Department

July 2, 2015

Crystal City, MO. - At about 11 p.m. on Wednesday, July 1, rising flash floodwaters required closure of our Emergency Department and relocation of 22 patients to other areas of the hospital for triage and treatment.

All hospital services are functional while we continue clean-up operations. Emergency services are available in temporary locations at the hospital. We are on partial diversion for EMS, currently accepting only patients that are considered emergent or urgent, and asking for diversion of transfer patients and minor injuries or conditions. We hope to resume full, regular operations in the Emergency Department by Monday, July 6.

As always, Mercy Hospital Jefferson strives to offer the very finest care to all patients. We are grateful for the tremendous efforts of our co-workers and emergency service personnel through the night and early this morning in ensuring our ability to serve the community as seamlessly as possible. Many others in our community are suffering after the overnight flooding; our thoughts and prayers are with them today.


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