Mercy Springfield Proudly Introduces Newest DAISY Nurses

August 12, 2015

Top photo: Mercy nurse Lisa Cook, center, with hospital

leaders Patricia Wagner, Erin Mock, Lisa Person and Jay Guffey.

Bottom photo: Mercy nurse Mary Crabtree, third from left,

with hospital leaders Jay Guffey, Kylee Stennett and Lisa Person.

By Mercy's Madelynn Innes

Lisa Cook is a "model of what a nurse should be." A family member of a Mercy patient says Lisa is attentive and took the time to care for his loved one. She provided information and reassurance about the patient’s condition, which gave his family hope.

“When Lisa left at the end of her shift, she made sure the next nurse was well informed.”

Throughout her patient’s stay, she also went out of her way to make things better, arranging for him to have physical therapy in our courtyard so he could enjoy the fresh air. And, seeing that he had several family members who wanted to stay with him, she arranged for him to move to a larger room so they could be more comfortable. When she overheard his children talking about being with their dad on Easter morning -- even though they wanted to attend mass in Mercy Springfield's Chapel -- Lisa got his physician’s OK for him to go and made sure a wheelchair was available so he could attend the service with his family.

As a token of their appreciation, the family included Lisa in their traditional Easter morning lunch. They also made sure to nominate her for Mercy Hospital Springfield's DAISY award.

“The family told me that Lisa was a wonderful advocate,” explained Kim Marple, RN. Agreeing, she added, “Lisa truly exemplifies the values of a Mercy nurse: attentive presence, tender courage, vigilance, spiritual presence, comprehensive care orchestration, compassionate care and intellectual engagement.”

Like Lisa, Mary Crabtree’s patients, their families and her co-workers chose to submit their DAISY nomination as a way of thanking this nurse on 4B for her attentive care.

Here’s what a few of her nominators wrote:

“When I arrived in my room, Mary was waiting for me; she introduced herself and the student nurse who was with her. She explained every detail about the workings of the call button, and what I could expect during my treatment. She also provided little things that were just intended to make my stay more pleasant. Upon leaving, Mary said I would be her role model for aging – at 81 years old that made me feel good about myself. Emotionally she definitely helped to give me a lift.”

“When Mary tells you what she will do to take care of you, you just know that she will do it! And she did.”

“We had a patient scheduled for a stress test, and his 8-year-old son was with him. There was no one to watch the boy while his father was off the floor. Mary went to the Cafeteria to get the boy breakfast and also picked up Crayons for him. She blew up gloves and made silly faces on them. After a while, the boy’s grandmother arrived. She said several unkind things to the boy. Mary pulled him aside and told him he was special, and that no one could compare to his sweetness. She also brought out all the pictures he drew and showed them to all of us. He gave Mary a hug when he left.”

“My mom was faced with very difficult decisions that all had dire consequences. Mary took much time to explain all options to mom to help her make the correct decision. She showed unbelievable interest and passion to my mother with all her decisions that had to be made. God bless her!”

“Mary completes her job with both pride and respect for her patients and their families. She is comfortable with any question and takes time to answer them. Mercy should be proud to have nurses like Mary on their staff.”