July Baby Boom Across Mercy

August 21, 2015

The Garner triplets, who are in the Mercy Children's NICU,

were just a few of the babies welcomed across Mercy in July.

What was it about October 2014? Whether it was an early cold spell, Halloween fun or a harvest moon, there was definitely something happening across Mercy. Nine months later, July 2015 topped the record books for births at many Mercy hospitals.

At Mercy Hospital St. Louis, 797 moms welcomed 822 babies – more than any month on record for the hospital – both on the Labor and Birth floor and in the low-risk birthing center.

It was the second busiest month ever for Mercy hospitals in Rogers, Arkansas and Oklahoma City, and the third busiest month on record for Mercy Hospital Springfield.

“Anytime there’s a birth record, we look back at the calendar to see what was happening nine months earlier,” said Dr. Marc Gunter, OB/GYN and senior vice president/COO of Mercy Clinic. “This time the records were being set in more than one community, so it’s hard to pin point one reason.”

Whatever the reason, everyone across Mercy was excited to welcome so many cuddly bundles of joy into the world.

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