Patient, 105, Gets Homemade Cake and Song from Mercy Doctor

August 21, 2015

Dr. Larry Seals honors Lucile Wisterman with a

homemade birthday cake complete with numerals 105.

When Lucile Wisterman celebrates a birthday she can count on Dr. Larry Seals, Mercy Clinic physician, to make a “to-do” over it. For the past six years, Dr. Seals has made a special trip to the grocery store, hand selected Lucile’s favorite flavor, and whipped up a homemade cake for her birthday.

Making the treat even sweeter, Lucile celebrated her 105th birthday on August. 3.

What’s Lucile’s secret to health and stamina? She says, “I was born on a farm where I was taught to work hard and eat healthy foods. We grew plenty of vegetables and fruits in our garden.”

Exercise was part of everyday, too. “I walked 1½ miles to school and worked our horses daily,” she added.  “I never drank or smoked either.”

But Lucile’s humble nature steers her clear of recognition. She touts the care from her family for giving years to her life.

Every day she looks forward to spending time with her grandson, Jack Black, who makes a trip to Fort Scott to visit her and serves her lunch.

It’s obvious her gratitude runs deep. She advises other women, “Stay close to your family. They are the joy in every day.”

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