Mercy hospital's outreach aims to improve hospital care in Rwanda

September 1, 2015

John Nkuranga's son, Brian, was born in their African homeland with glaucoma in one eye. Doctors in Rwanda couldn't do much to help. When the family moved to Oklahoma City, Brian received treatment and his condition improved.

That outcome inspired his father to change his career plans. At the time Nkuranga was pursuing a master's in business administration at Oklahoma Christian University. After he earned his MBA, he decided to continue studies in health administration at the University of Oklahoma so that when he returns to Rwanda he can work to improve his east African nation's rudimentary health system.

"I had begun asking myself, 'How can I use this opportunity to benefit the people back home?'" Nkuranga said. "People in Rwanda who can afford quality care go out of the country. People who can't often become disabled, or die."

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