Little Patient Pays It Forward

September 24, 2015

Kendall and Joe pose with their stuffed animals.

ST. LOUIS - When 5-year-old Kendall Haynes came into the Mercy Children’s Hospital ER after breaking his arm at school, he made fast friends with Ali Stewart, Mercy Kids child life specialist.

“I gave him a remote control car and we played until his parents arrived,” Stewart said.

Once they arrived, he had to be sedated to set the broken bone so his mom went to the gift shop to pick up a little present for him.

“She came back with two stuffed animals,” Stewart recalled. “Kendall decided he only wanted to keep one and asked if I would keep the other to give to ‘another brave kid.’ I was amazed a 5-year-old boy wanted to give away a brand new toy.”

A little later in the evening, Stewart was helping another young patient, Joe Baumer. He had to get an IV and, according to Stewart, was “very brave.”

“I told him the story about the ‘other little boy’ and gave him the stuffed animal,” Stewart said. “Needless to say, both boys and both sets of families were thrilled with the generosity and bravery of these little 5 year olds.”

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