Discernment Process Concluded at Mercy Fort Scott

September 25, 2015

The Mercy Board met Wednesday, Sept. 23 to discuss the outcome of the Mercy Fort Scott discernment process that began in the spring of 2014.

After careful consideration and discernment using the Mercy decision-making process, the local task force recommended that the Mercy Board approve continued operation of Mercy Fort Scott to allow time for development of closer alignment with other regional providers, including Mercy Joplin. Following the decision, the discernment period has officially ended.

All services currently offered in the Fort Scott market will continue at this time, with ongoing evaluation as community needs change.

“The discernment process was thorough and considered the needs and perspectives of multiple stakeholders, including the community, our co-workers and physicians, and Mercy. And while we believe the outcome to be positive for all involved, it doesn’t mean the work is finished,” said Reta Baker, Mercy Hospital Fort Scott president. “Our challenge going forward is to focus on continuous improvement in order to meet the constantly changing needs of a dynamic health care environment.”

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