Environmental Services Co-Workers Are Shining Examples of the Mercy Spirit

October 20, 2015

By Mercy's Madelynn Innes

The next time you’re in one of Mercy's hospitals, look around. Is it clean?

According to patients who’ve recently stayed at Mercy Hospital Springfield, many of its units top the charts in cleanliness -- and we have the Environmental Services staff to thank for that.

And, Mercy Springfield has the patient satisfaction scores to prove it! In the Neurology and Burn units, for instance, 100 percent of patients ranked cleanliness as “Always,” and at least three other units ranked in the 90th percentile.

In areas, particularly like the Burn Unit, EVS personnel have many extra responsibilities to protect patients who are vulnerable to infection. Co-workers there are proud of the fact that “Infection Control has swabbed different surfaces in the past, and we have always exceeded expectations.”

In Nursing Resources, co-workers agree, saying “Russell goes the extra mile to ensure our area is clean and as free of germs as possible. We are honored to work with him and all of EVS!”

Co-workers also say their EVS members go beyond their job responsibilities. “Linda always has a smile on her face and a kind word to say. I enjoy her presence in our department, and I miss her when she has a day off!”

“Jean is definitely a vital part of our team. Our patients know her by name and always miss her when she is gone.”

“The gentleman who waxes the front hallway on nights always has a smile and a kind word.”

"I was recently a patient and did not tell very many people I would be out with surgery, but the EVS team noticed that I was not at work and sent me a get-well card.”

In presenting EVS with this month’s Traveling Cup Award, Mercy Experience Coordinator Beth Melgren said, “You have some of the most important duties in the hospital, providing a clean and safe environment. You may think the hard work you do goes unnoticed, but from what our patients and your co-workers say, I can assure you, it doesn’t!”

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