New Springfield ER Leadership Up and Running

October 22, 2015

Mercy Springfield’s ED leadership team (from left):

Jesse Robinson, Chandra Hazen, Christy Thomas,

Meredith Scott, Jennifer Elliott and Dr. Jeff Willis. 

By Mercy's Madelynn Innes

Their titles are new, but they certainly aren’t new to Mercy's Emergency Trauma Center. In fact, prior to the department’s leadership restructuring last month, this six-member group had contributed more than 50 years of medical care and leadership experience in Mercy Springfield’s Emergency department.

“I’m honored to join this remarkable group,” said Jesse Robinson, director. “These individuals understand the day-to-day challenges of emergency services, and more importantly, are focused on improving our overall quality of care.” 

"Our first goal as a leadership team is to create clarity by establishing a clear, short-term thematic goal," added Dr. Jeff Willis. "We'll strive to establish credibility with our Emergency department co-workers, physicians and partners throughout the hospital and community. We plan to accomplish this by providing clear and consistent communication, through mutual accountability, by being present and available, through the sharing of our vision and by creating opportunities for involvement for all stakeholders."

Robinson has been with Mercy for three years and most recently worked with the Lean Transformation team. Dr. Willis, his medical leadership partner, has practiced in our ED for eight years and has been the medical director for three years. Under their leadership, the team includes: 

Chandra Hazen has held various leadership roles in our ED throughout her seven years with Mercy. As our clinical manager, she provides process oversight, abnormality management and interdepartmental coordination. 

Jennifer Elliott, RN; Meredith Scott and Christy Thomas collectively bring 33 years of experience to their role as clinical supervisors. They'll be responsible for providing hands-on coaching, support and resources to our front-line teams. 

Brian Johnston joins us from Mercy Joplin where he served as a manager of Operations. As the department’s practice manager, Brian provides support to our physician team, while also assisting in physician/co-worker collaboration. 

That leaves one position – a new one to Springfield’s Emergency Trauma Center – which is a quality manager, who will help lead our focused initiatives to improve our department's overall quality of care. “This restructuring is expected to better align physician, nursing and co-worker needs,” Jesse added, “while also bringing our Urgent Care clinics under the same leadership as the Emergency department.”

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