IT Pub. Plugs Tech Lessons in Joplin

November 11, 2015

Technology is essential to providing health care in today’s world, but what happens when communication is cut off? Better yet, how do you care for patients if your hospital has just been destroyed?

Health Data Management poses that question in its latest article, “Eight Disaster Prep Lessons for IT from Mercy Hospital in Joplin.” It looks at the minutes, hours and days following the May 2011 EF5 tornado that ravaged Mercy’s hospital in Joplin, Missouri, and how IT leaders could learn from Mercy’s response.

“The biggest factor for us was that we had moved patient data out of the basement and into the cloud,” explained Scott Richert, vice president of infrastructure at Mercy. However, he says having a single, fail-safe plan isn’t enough. Click here to read the entire report.

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