Veterans Saluted on new Display Board in Cafeteria

November 11, 2015

Robert Krug was a sheet metal mechanic in the

US Army Air Corps and worked on the Enola Gay. 

Several special guests stopped by Mercy Hospital Jefferson for the Veterans Day unveiling of an updated military service board Wednesday afternoon in the cafeteria.

Among those honord on the board is Acute Rehab Patient, Robert E. Krug. Seventy years ago, Cpl. Krug served in the Army Air Corps doing sheet metal maintenance for 15 aircraft including the Enola Gay. That B-29 Bomber carried the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagaski, ending World War II.

Krug, who is 91 years old, served in the Air Corps 393 Bomb Squadron from 1944 through 1947 in the Tinian Islands and at Roswell, NM. His commanding officer was Col. Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay. Krug earned two Bronze Stars for his mission.

You can see his story and many others on the board recognizing and celebrating our co-workers and their family members who have served or are currently in service to our country. The program included a short prayer service.

Local patriot guard riders visited patients on the Acute Rehab Unit before participating in the Veterans Day ceremony led by Pastoral Services manager Richard Hadley, M.Div., a US Army veteran.

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