Mercy Health Foundation Lebanon Recognizes Donors

November 13, 2015

Superheroes come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: contributing to the greater good. Walk around the Lebanon community and you’ll find many helping hands and giving hearts.

To celebrate their impact, Mercy Health Foundation Lebanon hosted its second annual Donor Recognition Breakfast on Nov. 13. This year, honored guests included April McClure, on behalf of Janet’s Wish, Travis Lynch with Team Anita: Pay it Forward, and many more who have funded a variety of projects, including Mercy co-workers who reach into their own pockets to fund important projects.

“Our co-workers have increased their contributions significantly over the years and this year we have reached the $55,000 mark,” said Dave Steinmann, Mercy Hospital Lebanon administrator. Most recently, co-workers pledged to help with construction of the new Mercy Park in front of the hospital. “This is yet another example of how generous and dedicated they are to helping our Lebanon community. I’m very proud of our co-workers.”

Also in the spotlight this year were Travis Lynch, his friends and family, who have selflessly helped Mercy cancer patients, paying tribute to a lost loved one, Anita Lynch. Team Anita is now well into its second successful year. Friday morning, Travis and his family presented Mercy with a $15,300 check, the product of fundraisers over the last several months, all to benefit cancer patients in the Ozarks.

“I want to continue our relationship with Mercy forever,” said Lynch. “They were there for us when we needed them, with true dignity and respect, and they continue to help us care for community in Anita’s honor. That’s what makes Mercy great, and we’re excited to move forward as we build even more momentum with Team Anita.”

Equally successful has been Janet’s Wish, a special fund that provides much-needed services and items to individuals who are receiving hospice care. The project was literally the dying wish of April McClure’s mother, Janet Archibald.

“My mother passed away four years ago, and since then we’ve granted wishes for 27 families with Mercy’s help,” McClure said. “This is now my purpose in life – to help others find peace in their last days – and our partnership with Mercy has made all the difference.”

“We’re so fortunate to have folks like April, Travis and our amazing co-workers by our sides,” said Karen Simpson-Neasby, vice president of Mercy Health Foundation. “Thank you to the generous donors across the community for pulling through year after year. They truly are our superheroes.”

Mercy Health Foundation Lebanon supports projects that provide health care scholarships, advanced technology and capital needs for Mercy Hospital Lebanon as well as hospice care services for the community. To learn more, or to make a donation, click here.

Photos of the 2015 Donor Recognition Breakfast can be found here.

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