Mercy Celebrates DAISY Honorees for November

November 18, 2015

Top: 6A co-workers celebrate with DAISY honoree Keaton Todd (center).

Bottom: Labor & Delivery co-workers celebrate

with DAISY honoree Sara Lipsey (fourth from left).

By Mercy's Madelynn Innes

Families frequently take time to let us know about the wonderful things our nurses do, often describing how they saved their loved one’s life. We’re proud to honor these nurses with the international DAISY award and share their stories with you.

Keaton Todd, DAISY honoree

In a recent letter, a nurse writes about her mother, who was in our care for nine days last summer at Mercy Hospital Springfield. “My mom was very septic and very ill.” At one point, she writes, “Her pressure was as low as 30/13.”  

“I am an RN myself and know how serious this was. Even so, she added, “I felt comfortable leaving mom in Keaton’s care."

Thankfully, Keaton Todd, a nurse on our 6A Intensive Care Unit, also understood how serious his patient’s condition was and was determined to do everything possible to see her improve. “Keaton provided exceptional care; basically he didn’t leave her room from the time she was admitted to the time his shift was over.” After a particularly serious relapse overnight, she adds, The intensivist even said the next morning that Keaton saved my mom’s life.”

Throughout her stay in the ICU, Keaton kept in contact with the E-ICU doctor via telemedicine and then followed up with the family to explain what was happening. “He explained everything so clearly that both myself (being an RN) and my husband, who is non-medical, could understand.”

Thanks to Keaton’s teamwork, the patient eventually stabilized and was transferred out of the ICU. Still, he continued to visit her every day that he worked. “He’s a very compassionate nurse,” the daughter concluded. “My mom, my husband and I are all so appreciative of him. Hospitals need more nurses like Keaton.”

As one of our first nurses to complete our new residency program, Keaton was required to research, develop and present a proposal highlighting a specific technique or process to improve patient care. Keaton worked with three colleagues on an idea to have readily available emergent medications in a grab-and-go kit. Their idea has recently been approved – yet another example of Keaton’s commitment to his profession, which no doubt, would not surprise this patient and her family at all.

Thank you, Keaton, for your commitment to Mercy and to our patients!

Sara Lipsey, DAISY honoree

In Labor and Delivery where Sara Lipsey works, her patient writes, “Sara was the best labor coach by far – she made my delivery extremely easy.” Soon after her baby was born, however, she adds, “Sara’s instincts just knew something was wrong with my baby. He was born not crying at first. His Apgar scores were 5/8.”

The Apgar score rates a baby's appearance, pulse, responsiveness, muscle activity and breathing at birth, which helps determine whether a newborn needs additional medical assistance. Scores between 7 and 10 indicate the baby doesn't need more than routine post-delivery care; however, scores between 4 and 6 suggest the baby may need some help breathing.

The NICU nurse cleared the baby’s airway before returning to the NICU, meanwhile, Sara continued to keep an eye on mom and baby, staying with them even after they were taken to a hospital room. “She kept saying something wasn’t right and she felt my baby needed to be in the NICU.”

Sara’s attentiveness and intuition was spot on; once he was taken to the NICU, he was put on the ventilator for 24 hours and required seven days of antibiotics. “I believe she saved my baby’s life,” the mom says. “I found out later that at the end of her shift, Sara had gathered a few of the nurses together and they prayed for my baby. We are so very thankful to Sara for her nursing care, her prayers and her wonderful instincts.”

Because of Sara, this mom concludes, “Even though we faced this situation that we completely did not expect, Sara made everything understandable for us and in the end it turned out well. I will always deliver at Mercy.”

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