Mercy Kids Patient Celebrates with a Dance

November 24, 2015

ST. LOUISWhat started as a typical visit to the doctor resulted in a potentially scary ER visit for 6-year-old Nina Schlottman. Her pediatrician sent her to Mercy Children's Hospital where she had an IV and an MRI. As they do for kids in these situations, the child life specialist spent time with Nina and made sure she was doing ok. 

When the results of her MRI came back fine, the whole ER team was excited. Nina wanted to celebrate with her favorite dance, the Whip and Nae Nae, and her Mercy Kids nurse Rebecca Schnell gladly joined in.

As Nina was leaving she said to her mom, "This place was great, mom. Today's my lucky day!" 

While this might not be how most kids view an emergent visit to the hospital, the Mercy Kids ER team felt blessed to have helped to make Nina's day a little easier.

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