Mercy Home Health Eases Burden of Endless Doctor Visits; Offers Peace of Mind

December 2, 2015

Bob McBride's wound is healing with help from

Kathy Stienbarger and others from Mercy Home Health

Day after day, Bob McBride checks his schedule to confirm his upcoming doctor’s appointments. He was diagnosed with cancer in his jaw bone in June and since then his life has revolved around treatments, tests and tenacity.

Bob sought the help of doctors in Kansas City who removed his left fibula to use as a bone graph for his jaw. Although the jaw healed fine, the incision on his leg did not.

Linda, Bob’s wife, said, “At its worse, the gash was the size of my knuckles on both my fists fit side by side.”

It’s taken months, but with medication, proper treatment and clinical expertise, Bob has seen an “80 percent improvement” in the healing of this incision.

Bob’s story of a wound that won’t heal is more common than one might think. And proper wound care is just one service to help patients offered by Mercy Home Health.

“I’m on the road a lot, traveling to doctor appointments,” said Bob. “On the days that I am home, a nurse from Mercy Home Health comes to see me. It’s comforting to know that they have the knowledge to know when something is wrong.”

Not only does Mercy Home Health help with changing and dressing his wound, but they bring supplies when needed, too.

“It gives me peace of mind to know their expertise is just a phone call away,” Linda said. “I have some physical limitations, and the staff has helped relieve my stress by stepping in where I couldn’t help with Bob’s care.

We’ve worked with many of the Mercy Home Health staff and they are all kind, helpful and well trained.”

It's care like this that has earned Mercy Home Health Fort Scott prestigious recognition on the Home Care Elite™ list, naming the agency one of the top 25 percent in the nation by  OSC Home Care and Decision Health.

Five domains of performance are analyzed to determine the Elite™ awards– quality of care, quality of improvement and consistency, and experience (HHCAHPS), process measure implementation and financial performance. 

As Bob’s wound continues to improve, he’s sees promise for the future. He looks forward to being active again and getting back to carpentry work and helping friends with farming.

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